Let me make it clear about Behind the scenes: Royal Restoration and Fellowship Chat

Let me make it clear about Behind the scenes: Royal Restoration and Fellowship Chat


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Behind the scenes: Royal Restoration and Fellowship Chat

Dear People and Elves,

This has been a whilst so we would like to do that for you today since we last gave an update on the new chat servers and its features, as well as the Royal Restoration spell. We all know that information about these two subjects motorcycle dating review is overdue, so we do apologize for having been quiet on these subjects for what may have believed like a little too much time. And, than we had hoped, so now it’s time to come back to our promise, and give you an update of what’s going on behind the scenes regarding these two topics while we had our reasons for that, it turned out to take longer.

The Royal Restoration spell

A few of you may already fully know just what it is, however for people who do not yet, we would like to simply take this chance to inform you of a brand new spell we’re focusing on. It is called Royal Restoration, also it will enable you to update your occasion structures, along with the Magic Residences and Magic Workshops. This spell will change the blueprints that are current you may get through the Tournaments. Of course, you will be capable of geting the spell through the Tournaments also. Any Blueprints you have got will undoubtedly be turned into the new spell, which includes exactly the same capabilities, and much more.

So, now the relevant question that numerous of you wish to have answered is of course: whenever is it spell finally arriving at Elvenar? And also this is where things get more complicated, unfortuitously.

Because the initial statement for this brand new spell, we’ve been focusing on getting everything prepared because of its implementation. We initially believed that this could be doable in a comparatively quick time-frame, however it ended up that it was way more complicated than we foresaw. It is typical in a game title like Elvenar, where numerous systems need certainly to come together to result in the game work, and many more therefore using the introduction of the 2nd platform that is our mobile application. We had planned to really make the spell designed for the web browser variation currently a while ago, but we then discovered that, it now, we would break the mobile app when anyone used one of these spells on one of their buildings, and that is obviously a major blocker if we were to release.

This is why we have experienced to alter our plans concerning the launch of this fresh addition to the overall game. The step that is next be to try and resolve the situation regarding the mobile software breaking as soon as we release this spell on web web browser, so that we do not be determined by the mobile group’s complete implementation of the spell anymore. If that can not be done (e.g. because of technical dependencies or other time-critical tasks in the side that is mobile longer than anticipated), we possibly may need to wait for full utilization of the latest spell inside our mobile application before we could all appreciate it. That complete execution is presently planned to be finished latest in late 2018, which will then function as the date by which we might understand Royal Restoration spell in Elvenar.

Another topic that is commonly discussed within our community is our brand new talk for Fellowships. We now have made a decision to continue with rolling out of the brand new talk servers currently, because we had been having major issues with the old servers that kept disconnecting and failing. At this time, we possess the servers that are new spot, however their implementation includes a disadvantage: we lost the /w and /who commands, meaning it really is now impractical to make use of the talk to independently speak with another Fellow (“whisper”), or even to research who’s currently on line.

Independently communicating with others/w that is using presently maybe maybe not supported after all by the brand new chat servers’ infrastructure. We now have examined the alternative of the function coming back over the last days, but discovered that applying this regarding the chat that is new would pose a relatively good technical difficulty and therefore just just take much too much time for you to justify its execution. It can signify we might need certainly to fork out a lot of development time on an element which was never ever formally supported, nor meant within the old chats system. This time around we should much instead utilize on applying other features into the game. Therefore, although we will have liked to provide you with right back this functionality, it regrettably will likely not happen – at the least perhaps not in the future.

Having said that, we now have seen that the /who functionality which allows one to see who’s online, may be the most-missed one of many two, and then we are content to announce we will undoubtedly be applying that when you look at the brand new talk. Please do recognize that it’s not going to be occurring straight away, once we find getting the talk bug-free is much more important than re-introducing this particular aspect. We do continue to have a few available pests pertaining to the chat that is new such as for example communications showing numerous times, or perhaps in a few instances generally not very. But, if all would go to plan, we have been evaluating restoring the /who command into the coming weeks to months that are few.

You want to emphasize that people can easily see that the talk is more stable than it’s been in current months, therefore we nevertheless think that continuing with rolling out of the new servers, despite those two lacking features, ended up being the most effective approach. Since we rolled out the brand new servers, we have not had difficulties with the chat offline that is being.

we should thank all of you for bearing with us although we’re focusing on bringing these brand new features to Elvenar. We wish that with this post we have been in a position to offer you a few of the information you have been to locate!

Best wishes, Your Elvenar Team