Please note that the code above will enter our script label, where we placed the logout code that is jQuery.

Please note that the code above will enter our script label, where we placed the logout code that is jQuery.

PHP The post.php File

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At the brief minute, we have POST data being sent to the post.php register each time the consumer submits the form and delivers a new message. Our goal now is to grab this data and write it into our chat log.

We need to start the post.php before we do anything file with the session_start() function as we’ll be utilising the session regarding the user’s title in this file.

Utilising the isset b lean, we verify that the session for ‘name’ exists before doing whatever else. We now grab the POST data which was being provided for this file by jQuery. We shop this information to the $text variable. This information, like all the overall individual input data, will likely be kept in the log.html file. We just make use of the file_put_contents() function to write all the information towards the file.

The message we shall be writing is going to be enclosed within the Everett chicas escort .msgln div. It’ll support the date and time created by the date() function, the session for the individual’s title, and the text, which is also surrounded by the htmlspecialchars() function to avoid XSS.

Step 5 Displaying the Chat Log Articles

Everything the user has published is handled and published jQuery that is using its written towards the chat log with PHP. The only thing left to do would be to display the updated chat log to the user with log.php.

To conserve ourselves some time, we’ll preload the log that is chat the #chatbox div if this has any content.

We work with a comparable routine as we used in the post.php file, except this right time we’re just reading and outputting the articles of this file.

The jQuery.ajax Request

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The AJAX demand is the core of everything we are doing. This demand not just permits us to receive and send information through the proper execution without refreshing the web page, but it also we can handle the data required.

We wrap our AJAX request in a very function. You will understand why in an extra. We will only use three of the jQuery AJAX request objects as you see above.

  • url a sequence for the Address to demand. We will utilize our chat log’s filename of log.html.
  • cache This may avoid our file from being cached. It will make sure that people get an updated chat log every time we deliver a demand.
  • success This may allow us to connect a function which will pass the info we requested.

While you see, we then move the HTML data we asked for in to the #chatbox div.


As you may have observed in other chat applications, this content automatically scrolls down in the event that chat log container ( #chatbox ) overflows. We will implement a straightforward and feature that is similar that will compare the container’s scroll height before and directly after we do the AJAX demand. In the event that scroll height is greater after the request, we will utilize jQuery’s animate effect to scroll the #chatbox div.

We first shop the #chatbox div’s scroll height into the oldscrollHeight adjustable before we make the request. After our request has came back effectively, we store the #chatbox div’s scrolled height into the newscrollHeight variable.

We then compare both of the scroll height variables using an if declaration. If newscrollHeight is greater than the oldscrollHeight , we utilize the effect that is animate scroll the #chatbox div.

Constantly Updating the Talk Log

Now one question may arise exactly how will we constantly upgrade the brand new data being repaid and forth between users? Or to rephrase issue, exactly how will we keep requests that are continuously sending upgrade the data?

The solution to our concern is based on the setInterval function. This function will run our loadLog() function every 2.5 moments, therefore the loadLog function will request the updated file and autoscroll the div.

Complete Code

The talk software might not work precisely for you personally if the right code is not put inside the proper files plus in the right order. In order to avoid any confusion, I am posting the code that is whole will go into two separate files called index.php and post.php.

This can be a code for index.php

This is actually the rule for post.php

The rule that goes into style.css is already available in Step two of the guide.

In the event that rule you have got doesn’t be seemingly working, make sure it matches the code provided right here. Please note that most three files—index.php, post.php, and design.css—are located in the directory that is same.

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