Therefore recently I went to Pattaya Walking Street for many drinks really belated.

Therefore recently I went to Pattaya Walking Street for many drinks really belated.

Pattaya Walking Street – after midnight

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Just this time I t k some photos for the web site, along with making a Youtube VLOG that is nice t . A few of these photos had been taken between midnight and 5am in mid October 2015

It’s not the high season yet, but the road is still pretty busy for mid October.

Some guy is involved with a dispute over a bar bill. The tourist authorities are quickly in the scene, he protests their purity.

His abilities of persuasion are not working though, 5 police (yes FIVE!) eventually persuade him it is in his best interests to ATM to cover their tab. A trip to the Police Station more than a bill that is small inevitably cost more in both cash and hassle. ‘Pay and walk my friend, ‘Pay and Walk’.

Meanwhile, at the Hot Tuna Bar, a rock that is classic are banging out classic after classic of stone hits. ‘Still got the blues’ by Gary M re is really a showstopper, with lots of people passing by stopping to hear the epic track.

All around a western gentleman slumps down onto the fl r as‘Still got the blues’ echoes. He has the unmistakeable l k of hopelessness and helplessness written on their face. I wonder exactly what happened to him? Pattaya is an place that is unforgiving some people.

A rather high but playful ladyboy stocks a joke having a passerby.

This ladyboy was l king g d with this night. Two guys have strategically sat down directly behind, their eyes transfixed by most of the ladyboys.

Greeter girls wait outside of the bars in anticipation of fresh customers.

A guy passes a ladyboy bar, and does an instant 90 level mind turn to eye up what’s inside.

You don’t have to stroll far to access the bar that is next. Crazy House, Living Dolls 1 and XO Club are right next to each other.

Blue Sky III is another club which has decent real time rock music playing.

Nice shorts Miss ( I like the hair on your head t ), your card is a bit exposed in your right butt-cheek pocket

A really precious l king woman holds a white rose away from Iron Club. We wonder who offered it to her?

Another high, hip-swinging ladyboy on walking road. I do believe that one just came back from a hotel that is short-time.

Tight shorts will be the fashion in a walking street at as s n as, some are pulled up therefore high there is not much left to the imagination.

We wonder what happens on Soi BJ?

2 Guys are deep within their night that is late drinking, slumping right down to eat their necessary kebabs.

My bar that is favourite frontage every one of Pattaya could be the Skyfall bar, it just l ks so shiny and nice.

Skyfall is also stocked to your brim of hot girls. There are not any 80 draught beers on offer here, due to the fact club caters for dudes with additional cash to burn.

It’s getting belated, around 4am. But you can find still a great amount of individuals around.

It’s been a reasonably quiet evening for the tourist authorities. There are normally a few battles and small disputes across the bars every night in walking street. 99% of times the tourist police show up after all the action, and have to mop up the mess left behind.

Inside marine disco, a man slumps straight down for a dining table. Jet lag, way t much b ze, or maybe both?

These alcohol pubs have no dancers on the poles when I came past earlier. I’d have ventured set for an alcohol should they had a few g d sexy dancers to l k at, but the girls are sometimes shy to dance, or they dance putting on conservative clothing. The street meals vendors usually emerge around 3am. I’m not really a seaf d fan, nevertheless the offerings l k really juicy.

Close to Pattaya could be the town of Chonburi, a fishing port that is major. It is consequently no surprise that the Seaf d around here is so g d.

During the 808 Club, they will have completely sold out of Singha for the night! G d indication the spot is performing a healthier trade. We settle for a Tiger beer before retiring for the night.

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It in fact was a another very evening that is enjoyable hiking Street, Pattaya. There will be an action that is full Pattaya VLOG from this night (estimated time of being published is 17 Oct 15) and hopefully it will compliment each one of these pictures to provide a great overview of my fun filled balancing.

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