Yearly event encourages Manitobans to see where meals originates from

Yearly event encourages Manitobans to see where meals originates from

Crash course on farm life for town slickers

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A newly weaned calf at Verwey Farms in Portage la Prairie. The farm’s milking parlour can milk 140 cows twice a day.

Once you are now living in the city, it is pretty an easy task to lose touch with where your f d comes from; it is just here on the supermarket racks, waiting to be put in your cart.

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It’s pretty easy to lose touch with where your f d comes from; it’s just there on the supermarket shelves, waiting to be put into your cart when you live in the city.

We rarely spare an idea for the farmers whom harvested the grain that makes our bread or milked the cows that supplied us with cream for the coffee — aside from the folks whom aided those farmers prepare their soil, update their technology or make our f d more shelf-stable.

In 2016, Canada had 193,493 farms. That seems like a complete lot, but only two % of the populace farms; however, agriculture involves and employs a bigger percentage.

Manitoba Open Farm Day can be an annual occasion that hopes to place us in closer touch with all the people who assist placed f d on our tables.

With 56 sites over the province (the farthest north is around the Bend Farm in The Pas), the function, held on the 3rd Sunday in September, gets the objective of “building general public trust with customers about agriculture,” claims Wendy Bulloch, whom works with the Manitoba Association of Agricultural Societies once the co-ordinator of Open Farm Day.

The participating internet sites — which include pastime and working farms, a brewery, seed/greenhouse operations, agricultural museums, stables, wildlife interpretive centers and more — offer demonstrations, trips, recreational activities, f d and beverages for sampling and sale, and possibilities to read about ecological stewardship plus the reputation for agriculture in Manitoba.

A complete listing of host internet sites is available at, helpfully split by area so you can prepare a route to hit several (organizers recommend setting aside one hour for each site). It, check out the list of rural Manitoba B&Bs at if you want to make a day and night of.

This year, you will find four locations in Portage la Prairie, and they provide a perfect exemplory instance of the diversity of agricultural enterprises merely a drive that is short Winnipeg.

Rachael Verwey in the milking parlour of her family-run dairy farm in Portage la Prairie.

Jill Wilson / Winnipeg Free Press

Rachael Verwey into the milking parlour of her family-run dairy farm in Portage los angeles Prairie.

Verwey Farms is really a large, family-run procedure that, unusually, has 6,000 acres of grains and oilseeds alongside a Charolais beef herd and a dairy side (many farms focus on either plants or livestock). The Open Farm Day tour will concentrate on the dairy arm, with the (weather-dependent) potential of viewing harvesting, t .

“We still call this ‘the new barn,’ even though it absolutely was built in 2009,” Rachael Verwey states, laughing as she leads visitors in to a state-of-the-art milking parlour enabling for the straightforward milking of 140 cows twice each day. Three sessions produces about 7,000 litres of milk.

The agronomist, a University of Manitoba farming grad who works on the farm with her extended family, is definitely an enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide, with all the answers to even the most naive city slicker’s questions.

When not within the parlour, the cows invest their time in a well-lit barn, absolve to move about or go outside. Some like to rub up against a spinning bristle brush to obtain a g d scratch or clean down, other people wander up to curiously lick the hand of a visitor. Kids on the trip will love to start to see the newly weaned calves and luxuriate in some chocolate milk.

Reporters l k at a spot of soybeans as Shur-Gro agronomist Alana Doell (in grey) describes how the weather that is dry affected the crop.

Reporters consider a spot of soybeans as Shur-Gro agronomist Alana Doell (in grey) describes how a weather that is dry impacted the crop.

Perhaps Not far from Verwey, Shur-Gro Farm Services is really a Manitoba farming merchant that can help farmers with soil assessment, fertilizer choices, seed selection and crop security.

Soybeans at Shur-Gro Farm Solutions

Jill Wilson / Winnipeg Free Press

Soybeans at Shur-Gro Farm Services

At Shur-Gro, which includes 13 retail locations in Manitoba, manager Frank Perrin and agronomist Alana Doell show site visitors the enormous storage area that houses fertilizer components. The building holds 4,500 tonnes when full — massive hills of pink potash, green phosphate and white nitrogen, all free and ready to be loaded into hoppers.

It’s an eye-opening check the scope and scale of modern farming operations. The socket has three floaters, which can disperse fertilizer in a spray 70 feet wide. Jobs can be emailed to these GPS-equipped inner circle $500,000 machines, which steer on their own and can there’s be programmed so no overlap in coverage.

Out front, you can find small plots of corn and soybeans, so site visitors is able to see samples of just what seeds that are particular produce.

Farm Away’s retired horse that is rodeo wants to consume acorns out of your hand.

Jill Wilson / Winnipeg Complimentary Press

Farm Away’s retired rodeo horse potential wants to eat acorns out of your hand.

If talk of nitrogen levels and crop yields is not your case, take a l k at Farm Away, which offers the chance to go through the farm life style while enjoying an austere getaway. Run by sisters Tracy W d and Taralea Simpson, the seven-r m home functions as being a B&B (you can rent the entire house, if you want) and now offers a “Bed and Bale” selection for those travelling with equine companions.