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There was nothing to do: there was no water in the attic and she had to eat it all. She licked her hands, wiped her face with her panties and took another drag on greedily. – Damn, smoking is still good, she said. – Thank you for the tutu. And she left. And he stood completely amazed. Naturally, the whole area knew about it the very next day. After that, Masha began to fuck every day. And she finished every time. Therefore, by the age of 16, her ass and vagina were literally broken. In the women’s locker room, the girls asked for a cigarette to wave to become a cancer – to show the ass. She bent down, spread her buttocks and everyone saw how big her anus was. Despite her behavior, Masha was clean and shaved her crotch completely. That also attracted attention in addition. So, wave your years. I forgot to tell you what she looked like. Nothing good, I can say for sure. She could only be liked by such a pervert like me. She was, of course, sexy, but you can’t call her beautiful. Quite short (smoking affected), white hair etched with peroxide, big eyes, but completely worn out, emaciated look. Her face was always a little plump – either from natural fullness, or from constant smoking, drunkenness and sex. Small nose and plump lips. She was overweight and had a huge ass that didn’t bruise and suck. And huge, simply unrealistic breasts. Yes, Masha had a fifth bust size for several years already. But her breasts had already begun to sag from constantly pawing, her nipples looked like she was a nursing mother. No, she had no children. But there were already 7 abortions. Masha’s voice was not at all feminine – low and hoarse, because she constantly smoked. Two packs of red marlboros a day is even better. Sometimes she smoked four at a time. Therefore, she constantly coughed, and if she happened to run after the bus, everything in her chest wheezed, wheezed, bubbled. And she coughed as if she was about to spit out her lungs. She leaned forward, coughed, noisily, inhaled with a whistle, now pale, now red from exertion. Then she fell exhausted on the bench at the bus stop. – Well, you give, Masha! – said the friends, – I have completely smoked, no health. What’s next – what will happen to you? “I don’t know,” she replied, catching her breath. – Damn, it feels like everything is stuffed in my lungs, I can’t breathe deeply! – And you smoke more, – they laughed. – look, your teeth are all yellow and your chest hangs, as if you are 40 years old! – My chest (she coughed, gasped. Could not get air – she coughed all the time) – my chest, girls, does not hang from the smoke, but because they squeeze her all the time. You know how they fuck me – Yes, we know! Why are you given? “I really want to,” she took a drag on her cigarette and exhaled the smoke. – By the way, we received your pictures with fluorography from the medical examination. 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